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Services We Offer

Thermoplastic Screed Road and Surface Markings

We provide road markings in thermoplastic screed in white and yellow to chapter five (5) standard of the Traffic Signs Manual. We can provide markings ranging from arrows to zig zags and much more.

Chlorinated Rubber Paint Road and Surface Markings

Providing a similar service to the thermoplastic screed, yet in a variety of colours using this heavy duty paint.

Anti-Skid surfacing Hot/Cold

We can provide anti-skid road surfacing in buff, red, green or black using British Standard Kite Mark materials.

Reflectorised Road Studs

We can provide reflectorised stuck on road studs for temporary road markings and permanent for carriage ways.

Pedestrian Crossing Studs

We can provide aluminium grooved pedestrian crossing studs applied into the ground for all crossing points.

Playgrounds and Sports Grounds

We can provide bespoke playground and sports grounds markings using heavy duty materials which are iron free for maximum safety.

Special Surfacing

We can provide special surfacing such as polyurethane coatings for walkways to avoid slips, ideal for warehouses and factories.

Line Removal

We can remove all types of lining using an array of methods such as thermo-lancing, blacking out, hydro-blasting and scabbling.

Preformed THermoplastic Symbols and Logos

We can provide and lay preformed symbols such as parent and child or cycle symbols; we can even to personalised company logos.

MMA Cold Applied Plastic

We can now provide MMA Cold Applied Plastic road markings to chapter five (5) standards.